Friday, October 14, 2011

We Were On TV!!!

I am addicted to San Antonio Living...I love that show and I love the host, Shelly Miles. She is so upbeat and funny, so real and down to earth and the girl loves to eat!! She mentioned that starting this week the show was going to have a live audience. I went and signed the girls, my mom and myself up!

We were told to arrive at the studio at 9:40. It was so fun to have a reason to get dressed up and put on make up's been soooo long since I've needed to do that! We chatted with a nice lady that works there, I think her name was Julie. She led us to the studio and our seats.

The set was actually much smaller than I thought it would be. I was surprised. I recognized the lady in the background right away, she is always invited on the show for seasonal craft segments. And there was an amazing chef there cooking who was doing a segment for his restaurant, Romo's. His food smelled soooo delicious!

Shelly wasn't in today, Leslie Bohl Jones was. I've always thought she is so elegant and pretty and she is even more beautiful in person!! And her eyeshadow is always immaculate and gorgeous! I had to ask her if she has someone do it for her...nope, she does it herself! This picture is fuzzy. I didn't bring my camera because I wasn't sure if it was allowed. Now that I know it is, I will bring it next time.

This is me with Cleto Rodriguez. He joined the show full time some months ago. My goodness he is a character!! He had us laughing til it hurt!! Cleto told us he will be having his own show on Comedy Central starting November 3.

It was so fun to see how things work "behind the scenes." The girls had a blast!

Here is Mom with Cleto. She said she was so nervous initially and almost didn't go. She had so much fun that she can't wait to go back! I am already planning our next visit to be in the audience. It was so nice to meet Leslie Bohl Jones, but I was slightly bummed I didn't get to meet Shelly Miles.

It was so odd/funny to come home and see ourselves on tv. I know next time I go not to look up at the monitor. I look really weird when I do that. And I learned that I need to smile showing teeth. When I just grin it looks.... just not good. I looked pretty mad alot. I wasn't mad, just not sure where to look or how to smile.

Anyway, we came home and immediately turned on the DVR to watch the show. We laughed and laughed and I decided I could not watch myself on TV again. Then I started cleaning the house up and down. I did several load of laundry, cleaned the kitchen, swept, mopped and even managed to get in some time to watch trash tv AND watch the news. It felt so relaxing!! I am always on the go and hardly ever at home so for me, being able to be at home with nothing to do but clean was such a treat!!

Papa Bear and I went to the mall this afternoon and then picked up Pho for dinner. Delicious! Then I pulled up a chair and watched a great old movie on Netflix, The Mating Season. Hilarious!! Right now I am sipping my Red Velvet hot tea and plan on eating a strawberry filled chocolate cupcake CC made. This has been an almost perfect day!



What an exciting day for all of you. I would have watched you, but cannot get your channels.


Very cool! We did a segment on channel 5, Good Day S.A., I think, when they were promoting foster to adoption in the city. My kids had a blast. :) Great pics, I felt like I was with you!

--April, thanks for the kind words on my blog about Simon's daignosis. :) I'm posting this here because for some crazy reason, my blog won't let me post on my own!

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