Friday, April 22, 2011

Galveston Island - 2011

This past weekend we went to Galveston. We absolutely LOVE Galveston!! This was the first time we went and didn't have a place all ready reserved. We did find the Victorian Condo's online and thought the looked nice but wanted to see them first hand. They were gorgeous!! And they were located right on Seawall Blvd!!

This is the view from our balcony!!

Inside was so spacious! There was a bedroom, bunkbed alcove, kitchen, breakfast area and living room with pull out sofa.

You can't see it here, but the balcony overlooked the pool and then straight out to the ocean.

The first night we were all so tired and didn't want to do much. We grabbed some food from Sonic and snacks from Wal-Mart. After we ate we went for a drive down Seawall Blvd and a walk on the beach. It was super windy....we loved it!

As we were walking we saw quite a few of these catfish washed up on the shore. We would have thrown them back, but it was too late for them.

I LOVE the ginormous block of granite that makes a pier to walk on and fish on. All Lena could keep talking about it what nice counters they would make!

After resting we decided to get up and do some fun things. This was our view waking up Saturday morning. Fresh air, seagulls was perfect!

We had plans to go to the Moody Gardens and walk around the town looking at the little shops and coffee rooms. BUT... we found a fishing pier and everything changed!

The girls had never been fishing so this was a fun first for them. Poor Papa Bear spent a good 45 minutes getting all of our poles ready to go!

I absolutely LOVED the cool breeze, warm sun and salty air. It was perfect!

If you enlarge this picture, you will see a flock of pelican and sea gulls flying together....

Even Lena got in on the fun!!

We had this whole side of the pier to ourselves. It was so nice!

Then Papa felt a tug..... he reeled it in and......

it would have been soooo nice to keep this. But, CC almost flipped out and he threw it back in. It would have made a great dinner!

After fishing we went to Benno's for some delicious seafood! I got my oysters and shrimp. Papa ordered the Fisherman's Platter with a bit of everything...

And the girls each had shrimp pasta salad. While Lena and I went to wash our hands after eating, Papa Bear told me while we were gone a couple of seagulls came down and went to town with the food left over on my plate!!

Lena had been begging and patiently waiting for Starbucks. So after Benno's we picked up some coffee and went for a drive.

We drove past some of the most beautiful historic homes, mansions actually, and old churches. We ended up on the far end of Seawall Blvd, took some right turns and found another beautiful beach. I had to stop to capture this sunset. Beautiful!

After our drive we were headed back to the condo. We decided to stop by the Rainforest Cafe Adventure Ride again. I think this will be a tradition for us. For the past few days we were thinking I was having another baby. When the ride operator took this photo I remember thinking, "Is this our first photo of our family of five?"

I loved all the animation and sounds. But like last time, I was too busy taking photos I didn't really get to enjoy the ride.

Don't you love the "EXIT" sign?

My handsome Papa Bear... the beard has since been removed!

After the ride we went back to the room to change clothes and go fishing again. I had really started to not feel that good.

Papa Bear went to one side of the pier. The girls and I on the other. Lena didn't want to fish. CC said she would fish because she was sure she wouldn't catch anything. She said she's sure she's the only person in the world who fishes because they hope they don't catch anything.

Then Lena came running to me.... CC got a fish. When I got there she was holding the pole with the fish hanging from the hook and she was crying. I didn't even get to take a picture. I ran, grabbed Papa Bear to release it. She pet the fish and he threw it back in. I did snap this picture of the girls shortly afterwards. The tears flowed for a good 15-20 minutes.

I was feeling more and more sick by the minute, so these pictures taken with my phone are NOT good at all!! I was so sure I was pregnant.

This was the last photo of the trip.

The girls and I went back to the room close to midnight. I tried to sleep but kept waking up amid waves of nausea. Papa Bear called around 1:30 for me to pick him up. I had chills shaking my whole body. I wrapped up in a blanket and picked him up. From there its just got worse. I was sick the whole night and pretty much got zero sleep.

Sunday morning my stomach emptied itself and I started to feel better, though still weak. Shortly after that we found out I wasn't pregnant. And we were a little sad. We weren't expecting it or trying for it but it would have been a nice, sweet surprise.

Oh well. We had a great time otherwise and can't wait to go back!


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Looks like a nice trip! Galveston is so pretty :)

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I just found your comment on my SUYL post and thought I would swing by for a visit. I would feel bad entering a giveaway on my first visit so I kept looking. I have never been to Galveston but it looks very pretty. Anything with sand, waves and sunshine is pretty to me. The seafood pictures.....yum!! Unfortuntately, I'm allergic to shellfish so I just indulge by sight!

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