Friday, April 8, 2011

Changes & Giveaway Update

This is just a quick post on a few things.

First, I am loving my new blog layout designed by the wonderfully talented Brooke of

She is so wonderful and patient. She took this picture below as a template and created a background I absolutely LOVE!!

Brooke is such a sweet person. She listens to what you want. She is patient.

She works with you and creates something that will truly make her customer happy!

I was lucky enough to win a blog makeover from her last year.

I loved my previous background but thought it was time for an update, something

more spring-like.

I asked and she certainly delivered!

Please stop by her blog and see all the wonderful freebies she has

as well as the wonderful pricing she has on custom blog backgrounds, buttons, headers,

you name it!


Yesterday morning I walked outside bright and early to take my mother to an appointment.

I had my keys in my hand walking to the car when I noticed...

something was different.

It took me a moment to figure out what it was exactly.

My car was gone! Seriously really gone.

I walked to the gate to get the tow company's phone number my HOA uses.

That was the only thing I could think of. And yes, sure enough, they towed my car!

AND it was a rental!

Apparently you can only have one car parked in front of your house.

Supposedly the rental had the wrong tag...I don't think so. When I spoke to the woman at the towing company that morning she told me it had the orange (red) tag on it. Yes, I'm sure it did. That is what our HOA designated for us to use.

My arguments were useless. The tow company lady told me she will show my all the pictures I want.... in court.

I shelled out $289 to get the rental back and threw out our plans of

going to the beach this weekend.

Oh well, my husband says everything happens for a reason and there must be some lesson to be learned.

All I keep coming up with is that my HOA is worthless!


I am FINALLY getting my giveaway items ready!

By Monday I should hopefully have a post up with pictures listed.

I've thought good and hard about this and I think this is the right giveaway!

I sure like what it is and once you receive it I am pretty sure you will too!!




Some days you wonder if it is worth getting up. That was a terrible thing to happen and cost so much. I really like your new header. The lady did very well on it.


Love your new blog background..its so springy!!


Your new background is so pretty. Sorry to hear about your car being towed. Those HOA's are so strict but if they are in error are you going to fight it? Looking forward to your giveaway.


Sorry about your car, the price you pay for paying for a HOA. You could not give me a house that comes with such a thing. Hope your weekend is bless anyway.
Happy PS


Lovely new background! So sorry about the car headache!

Mrs Twins

I love your blog! Wow! What a brilliant job!. I also love all the family photos!
What a shock for you, this sort of thing happens over here, and its so upsetting!
costly too,
thanks for stopping by,
love suex

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