Sunday, April 3, 2011

Chicken Fideo & Little Extras

Friday night Mom was so sweet to keep both girls for us so that Papa Bear and I could go on a date. We had a wonderful dinner at Texas Roadhouse. I think this has become our new favorite restaurant. We woke up early Saturday to go to Austin. On the way we started talking, our 10 year wedding anniversary will be next year. We got married in Vegas, in shorts and t-shirts with no family or friends. I think at the time it was right for us but now I am really wishing I would have had some kind of dress and my girls and my mom there. So, we are thinking about renewing our vows for our ten year anniversary. It won't be anything big, about 20 people. And I feel that I will mean those vows so much more, way more, now than I did then. I feel like I wasn't really prepared for getting married. I honestly never thought I would marry. We were vacationing and he said, "Let's just do it. Let's get married. We've been together 7 years and we have two kids. Let's just do it." It took some prodding but I finally agreed and off in a cab we went to the courthouse to get married. And, at the ceremony, the man marrying us kept calling me "Sandra." I think a renewal is in order!

Saturday I made Chicken Fideo. It's a simple dish, Mexican Spaghetti. My mom used to make it for us with beef. I made beef a couple of weeks ago for the first time. It was a-may-zing!! The chicken was good too, but I still prefer the beef.

Today Papa Bear went to Austin alone to meet up with his friends and have lunch. The girls and I stayed home. Mom picked us for church. After church we had a wonderful dinner at this little Mexican restaurant. Mom always raves about how good the food is and how big the dishes are. She was so right! Great food and a great price. No complaining here. After our late lunch we stopped by Homestead Handcrafts. I found this cute magazine holder for $16! I snatched it up right away. I have been needing something to put our mail in. Right now it's just stacked up on the bar and you can imagine how great that looks!

I haven't brought it out just yet. It's still in hiding. Papa Bear tells me to not waste money and I know he's right. But, it's for the house and it's so pretty and practical! He will like it once it's up and being used. I also bought some really cute kitchen items from Dillard's that I have been having my eye on. I waited til they were on sale before I bought them. I can't wait to bring them out. I spent so much money on all my Russian items for my kitchen and I love them. However, I'm ready for a change. It's been long enough in the Russian style. I think I want to go Italian! Ha!

On a different matter, I can't wait to watch Extreme Couponing. I think it's going to be a really good show. Hopefully, I can learn a few things from these extreme couponers.



I hope you are able to renew your vows and can sneak a few pictures for us. You'll be a beautiful bride and your bridesmaids will be lovely too.

All That Jazz

How special to have a vowel renewal! Possibly more special than the wedding because you've made it 10 years together and still love one another to still want to keep your vows and recommit to each other.

Thanks for stopping by and joining our giveaway! Good luck and have a beautiful week!


Hi Sandra - er ah I mean April!

I think that you should re-new your vows if you feel so strongly about it. It'd be fun too - something to plan!!!

Love your facebook photo!


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