Monday, April 8, 2013


is definitely here... 

Wildflowers are blooming, birds are singing,

and my allergies are killing me!

So I sat down and thought about what I love most about spring...

I love the smell...

all the freshness and cleanness of a new season..

light and airy with just a hint of sweet..

a little like Saks Fifth Avenue En Rose...

the PERFECT spring spray...

and it's full of roses...can it get better?

though is has amber, musk and sandalwood..the floral notes make it just right. 

and because of my obsession with aprons, I fell completely in love with

How perfect is this for making spring salads??

It's almost too pretty to use! 

I love the crochet detail at the top and the bunching at the waist.

Who knew aprons could be that pretty!

and just because it's spring, I thought this cake was so appropriate!

I can only imagine it must taste as good as it looks!

The little birdies are the perfect compliment! 

Since my nails are natural, no acrylics or gels,

I've been playing around with color and changing up my nails weekly.

I'm sure before Spring is over, each color below will color my nails! 

Next to my roses, tulips are my favorite flower. 

They are delicate, beautiful and so indicative of spring! 

I found this image on Pinterest and fell in love with the soft, spring pastels!

And I love a spring drink.

It's just to fun to have a change from your typical soda or my favorite...sweet tea!

This Pineapple Punch sounds just dreamy!! 

I love Pink light and sweet and just all around perfect! 

then I found a recipe for a Pink Lemonade Margarita...

Ha! Just when you thought it couldn't get better!

and this may not sound spring-y...but a coffee float...

that's good no matter the season!

who could turn that down??  

I found a new bud on my Red Cut Rose bush...

a few little baby bunches of grapes...

now I just need to keep the insects away!


Shannon @ A Cozy Place Called Home

I'm loving all the pretty pastels. What a beautiful apron. Maybe a little impractical since I would be terrified to actually cook in it, but it would be beautiful to hang in the kitchen.

Those nail polish colors are fun. I remember when the fun colors were popular in the 80s. I was about 12 and used to color each of my nails a different color of those fun shades.

I sent you an e-mail the other day regarding your neck issues. Hope you are feeling better!


Sorry to hear that your allergies are bothering you i know the feeling.

Loved seeing all your spring faves - so darn cute. The tulips are wonderful!

Enjoy the season!

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