Tuesday, March 5, 2013

One Year Later

Well, one year has past since I started my new job at USAA. It has gone by so unbelievably fast. I went from not really understanding the military, to getting it, thanks to some pretty amazing speakers we've had at work. I love every single aspect of my job. I love being there for our members, I love hearing the excitement in their voices when they are about to come home.
 I love, more than anything, being there for the military wives. They too have a hard fight on their hands. Many of them are thrown into a completely new life, with no experience, no where to turn, often in a new state and it can be overwhelming. Being there to listen to them, assist them through difficult times, it's wonderful.
~*~I really love my job!~*~

When I first started I felt I would NEVER get it. I  missed so much training being out with Mom and it seemed like there was just so much to learn, little state specifics, that I would never get down. I just received a recognition from my manager for leading the team in almost all areas. I have helped mentor new team mates, was selected as one of the two Physical Damage Specialist's on my team and just recently was chosen to move to a new department. I have had several managers tell me that my name is getting out there because of the hard, quality work I accomplish every day. It doesn't go unnoticed.

 I have never been employed with a company that actually WANTS to see their employees excel and move up. Every other company before has been content to let their employees be stagnant in their positions if the excel in it. At one local credit union that worked for previously, I applied for a position that I really, really wanted. My managers "lost" my transfer request and it wasn't until I contacted HR that it finally was "found". When the managers for the other department interviewed me, one said, "Linda called me last night. (Linda was my mgr.)" The other manager asked why and the first manager looked down at me and shook his head no. Because I was better than anyone in my department, thus making Linda look good, she called the night before my interview and told him not to hire me. And he didn't. USAA is completely different. I couldn't be more happy.

These past 365 days have brought so much change not only for me, but for the team I entered training with. One had a baby, one is pregnant, one moved into her own apartment and my closest friend Ebony was accepted for a promotion in Tampa. She leaves tomorrow. I could hardly sleep last night. She was there for me when I was mourning the loss of my mother and I consider her one of my closest, very best friends. I truly love her. And I am sure going to miss her. BUT.... we already have a vacation planned in Tampa. I have never been and I am sure we will have so much fun there!

I start my new position with the company later this month. Several people on my team applied but unfortunately were not chosen. I am so excited to work Mon-Fri and have the evenings and weekends free. I cannot wait to see what the next 365 days bring me at USAA. I love my company. I love my job. I love that I never gave up applying there. It took me five years to get in. And I couldn't be happier.

This is my post from my first day. I remember that day. I was nervous, scared, still a child. I still had Mom to fall back on. Who knew two months later that would all change?


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