Monday, March 25, 2013

What's Been Going On.....

Not too much of anything....
unless one would count physical therapy, doctor's appointments, pharmacy runs, pain killers, muscle relaxers, work and school.
All one can do is hope tomorrow will be a better day.

My sweet friend Ebony moved to Florida for a promotion within the company.
Work will not be the same with out her. I miss her so much already.
However, I am so excited for her and her son, D, and all the opportunities that 
await them in Tampa! 
Through Ebony, I also met and made friends with Sherniece (in black).
She's been with the company longer than me and is a great source of information and advice. 
Spring is here...and so are the horrid allergies!
I love seeing flowers in bloom along the roads and highways. 
The bluebonnets are now out too. Mom loved bluebonnets. I remember Mom saying last year, as she was laying in the hospital bed, that she felt sure she would never see another bluebonnet. 
I told her she was wrong. That surely wasn't the case. 
She would get treatment, get better and next year we would see the bluebonnets.
She knew what she was talking about.
Now every time I pass a batch of bluebonnets, I think of Mom. The blue of her eyes, the sweet sound of her voice, her solid outer-self and her delicate, sweet inner self. 
I think of her hands, her nails and how she always had her big toe decorated with some sort of nail art. 
I think of how she would be complaining of her allergies and griping 
about how quickly summer is coming. 
I am thankful she doesn't have to suffer through another hot summer, yet I wish she 
was here at my home to sit it out. 
I looked through her old make up bag and saw her hair clips.
I wish I was still standing behind her, like I did in the hospital, brushing her hair.
I remember like it was yesterday....standing there...
brushing her hair, softly...
tears running down my face, silent...because I knew, though I didn't want to admit it..
I knew that I wouldn't get that opportunity much longer. 
I knew that she knew that too. She let me brush her hair. She knew.
She wanted to give me that memory.
There are so many things that remind me of her. 


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