Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Has been one of those rare, peaceful calm days. There aren't many days like today, but when they pop up I surely do cherish them!
My morning started off with coffee. And since the house was quiet and still I opened my new (and possibly new favorite) HGTV magazine.

Oh my... I love this magazine!
Bella hung out on the table, keeping me company.

After my Papa Bear left to work, I took Charlie and Bella outside. Toby and Micah peeked out by quickly went back in.
I took what is possibly my favorite picture of Bella ever.

She moves so much and with her coat color it's really hard to get a good picture. But she ventured around near the gate and driveway.

Charlie messed around in the bushes then lounges in the sun.

In all we spent a good 45 minutes outside this morning. I hope to make more of a routine of it. I know the babies would appreciate it.

Then the girls and I headed over to Starbucks for a late morning pick me up.

We watched Tyler Perry's "Madea Witness Protection". I LOVE Madea! Every movie leaves my tummy hurting from laughing.
For dinner I made pelmini soup.

Oh my.... It was so good! Just what we needed!!

On another note....yesterday we ran into Whole Foods and saw this.....

These ladies were sitting there, at Whole Foods, at TWO in the afternoon getting wasted. You should have heard how loud they were cackling. Oh my goodness. I don't even want to know what they have going on that causes them to go get drunk at two in the afternoon...on a week night... in a GROCERY STORE!!!!!

It's back to work tomorrow...ugh. My two week days fly by too fast. I'm already missing my girls and my Papa Bear pretty darn much.
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