Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Things Are Looking Like Fall....

Last week the girls and I went to Milberger Nursery to enjoy the nice, crisp fall weather.
We were so happy they had their fall decor out. I just love, love, love this time of year! 

 I do like to try to get some fall photos of my girls every year, even though they are growing so fast.
Thankfully, they don't mind and it's something fun we can do together!

 Blurry, but the only one of all three of us we have together.

 They always put up cute little spooky scenes.

 CC couldn't resist the opportunity to take a silly picture...the first one like this will be THE BLACKMAIL photo of my baby's life!! 

 After the nursery we stopped over at Party City.
The girls enjoyed being silly.

Our favorite haunted house, Nightmare on Grayson, is closing after this Halloween. 
We are soooooo sad. 
It's been such a tradition for us, and Lena just started going with me and CC.
We may have to make a few visits this month. 
It will be sad to see them go!
We did have a really nice cool day this past Sunday. 
Of course I was at work, so I didn't get to enjoy it at all. 
I did look at the forecast on my phone and every day I am off the weather decides to be in the upper 80's.
My days off are forecasted to be windy and cool.
Of course!
On a sad note, I wanted to share what has happened to Julee Turner and her family this past weekend.
I am still in disbelief and shock.
I have read Julee's blog for years. Read of her struggle with infertility. Read of her rejoicing when she and Matt became parents after many heartaches.
Julee has now experienced the most heart wrenching loss a wife could possibly imagine. The love of her life, Matt, was in a car accident and passed away. 
He left behind a beautiful wife and gorgeous 10 month old daughter. 
Her post to Matt is here.
I do not ask for prayer requests on here, I've never wanted to seem "preachy",
but if you are reading this, I do ask that you send a prayer for Julee and Preslee
and the Turner and Bell families. 
I cannot even imagine the suffering Julee is feeling at this time.
She will needs prayers from many to get her strength to get through these trying times. 
We can take comfort in what the Bible does tell us;
Ps. 91:15- I will be with you, I will rescue you
Prov 3: 5,6- God will direct your steps
Phillipians 4:13 - You can do all things through God
1 Peter 5:7- God says to cast all your cares upon him
Heb 13:5 -  God will never leave or forsake you


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