Sunday, October 21, 2012

There's been no time...

To keep up with all we have going on here. We certainly haven't been DOING anything other than everyday things, but we've just been so busy doing those things I haven't blogged.
So what's happening here lately?
My peace rose bloomed a beautiful bloom...

But the rains have caused black spots on the leaves and I'm not happy about that. My red rose bush is getting some black spots too. Apparently there's a good process that has to be done to rid it.

On my days off we catch up on DVR'd shows or play games. This night Bella decided we weren't playing Clue and plopped down on it. I really don't know how mom handled her. It's so hard sometimes!

She is getting some better with Charlie, not so much with Luigi.

I left to work the other morning and found Lena, CC and Luigi all snuggled up on the couch. The girls have been watching TV late into the night then knocking out on the couch.

Luigi finds his spot, then the girls have to find their way around him!

I'm super excited Target is selling these oldies but goodies.

BooBerry Crunch was always my favorite growing up and I'm so happy my girls look forward to this season when Target sells them. It's really neat to have that in common with them. Last night we each made a bowl and sat on the couch watching The Middle we had recorded. Mom got us hooked on that show. I couldn't help myself, I wanted to call her and ask her what she thought of Brick's new tick!

Charlie has been getting snugly with Lena. Definitely out of character for him.

But like with the rest of the family, they will take any nice attention he gives them.

I've also been itching for a new 'do. I looked at a few magazines and such and found these three. I like the first. Papa Bear likes the third. I like it too but would really like bangs with it. And I would like to change my color to a chocolate brown for fall.

My voice is gone from yelling at Manziel. My aggies lost to LSU...

That's ok though. We'll make it up. I just LOVE college football Saturday's!!

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