Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Long Time No Write.....

I cannot believe it has been exactly one month since I have blogged. 
There really is nothing to catch up on....alot of work, alot of sadness, alot of nothing.

A couple of weeks ago we had to go out of town for family reasons. We stopped at Buc-ee's, of course. I saw this camo popcorn...only in Texas!
 CC had fun taking pictures. We went there on a Wednesday evening and went back Thursday to get Lena, she had spent the night with  my sister. 
The moon was so big and bright that night. It was amazing!!
We tried to get a good photo, but all we had was my cell phone. I pulled over to snap a quick picture. 
My sister gave me a bag of my old school papers. I pulled out one stack and found this paper and sticker on it. Believe it or not, this stick still smells like pine trees almost over twenty years later.
I remember getting this sticker. I swear I do. I loved the smell back then and still love it now!
 Lena had been wanting to try the Glow-In-The-Dark Fairy Dust project we have been seeing on Pinterest.
Let's just say it didn't really look the way it does on the tutorial 
if you put it in the frig like it tells you too, you will totally mess it up!
But, the girls had fun making it and it was pretty to see the progress of glow in the dark spots 
all over my cabinets and kitchen floors. 

 Lena is so good at graphic art. She makes the cutest, prettiest, neatest things on the computer.
I always have her email them to me and then use them as screen savers on my phone. 
These are a few she made. 

 She made a really neat one today of a model and then transformed her lower face to a tiger muzzle. 
It was so neat...she is so talented!

Charlie has been braving Bella and coming up on my bed to snuggle with me.
I love having him sleep up there on my head at night. It feels so good!
 Bella is still a devil and tortures our cats, especially Toby.
She will lay in front of her food bowl AND block the way to my bedroom so the boys can't get by to the food bowl in my room. 
She keeps us on our feet. 
She really does rule the roost...
and I love her, it's like having a piece of Mom with me!
 Saturday the girls and I were going to walk to Mission Cafe and have tortilla soup. 
They were almost closed so we decided to talk a little longer walk to the new Mexican restaurant a little farther down. We had so much fun walking.
We threw rocks, trying to break them and see what they look like inside. 
My cousin Michael and I used to do that in front of our grandpa's house. 
Lena was the only one strong enough to actually break a rock. 
CC got smart and thought she could try to pick up this rock....

 And this evening just for fun we walked up and around that area to get some fresh air and some exercise.
We totaled a bit over two miles and of course it turned windy as soon as
we entered our neighborhood gates!
 The sky was so pretty coming home. Of course all I had was my cell phone but that lighter blue was 
almost an electric blue...so, so pretty!
Today was a wonderfully perfect lazy day. I woke up early, read some news, dozed back off.
Then I made breakfast, drank some coffee and read 1/2 of my latest Redbook.
A real lazy day.
And boy, have I needed it!



Oh April, good seeing you here. I love the stories you share. I know how sad you are without your mom. My only consolation for you is to remind you how much she loved all of you and know she is no longer suffering. That Bella is quite a character! Our cat Rose blocks the way for Smokey my sons 75 lb. boxador! It is too funny to see!
I am missing Nick as he is off to Kansas and college.
Keep walking. So good for the heart and the mind! It has been so awful and hot here we can not walk but now the weather appears to cool a bit.
Lena is quite the graphic artist! CC is doing her best trying to push that HUGE rock! HaHa!
Come chat with me anytime, I don't always get to visit the blogs but I answer my e mail! I am happy I found you here today. Happy weekend! Please take care. Hugs and Blessings Anne

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