Saturday, August 18, 2012

B.A.T. Tostada's

We have been trying to eat lighter and healthier here. We try to do salads for dinner four times a week,
the other days are usually fish or chicken.
We NEVER eat pork....but Lena found a recipe in a magazine for a light bacon,
avocado and tomato tostada.
They were so very good!! And just right too...we didn't feel stuffed or weighed down after eating.
They hit the spot! 
1/2 lb thick-sliced bacon
2 large avocado's
3 roma tomatoes
1 cup sliced cheese
1 pkg tostada shells
Today when I was taking out the trash, I saw such a cute butterfly bouncing around on CC's salvia.
I managed to get a couple of photo's before it got tired of me trying to snap pictures 
and flew off.
 Today we cleaned up and rested. 
I took advantage of Gypsy's good mood and snuggled on the couch with her.
She is so sweet.
I'm taking the girls to have frozen yogurt later, maybe get haircuts and go visit my Mom's friend, Andy.
I have been wanting to get over there to see him but just have been so busy I haven't found time. 
And that is such a shame!
He misses Mom too. He sent me an email saying he was having a "Bonnie" attack.
I told him just email me or call me when that happens.
I have them all the time.
My sister says she does too.
That made me feel less crazy!
Today it's 3 months since she left us.
On to happier things though....
I am very much enjoying my day off. 
I love staying home and cleaning.
We are supposed to be getting some cooler weather, cooler as in high's of 95, not 100!
But I'll take it....
I am so ready for fall....
so, so ready!


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