Tuesday, March 22, 2011

~~Things Are Blooming~~

Friday afternoon my mother in law and her friend came to visit us for the weekend. I was so happy to get to see Karina (MIL) after not seeing her for almost a year. She is still just as sweet as ever. The girls were happy to see their Nanny Kia too!She brought me the most fabulous gift ever, something I have been wanting for over 15 years....a samovar! Her friend brought it back from Russia for me last year. I was so excited! She left Sunday and as always it's sad to see her go.
My mom came over Sunday afternoon and Luigi was being a spoiled baby and snuggling up to her. He loves my mom so much!
He actually fell asleep snuggled next to her like this. A little later he saw CC holding Toby and loving on him and Luigi seriously started hyperventilating. It was so crazy to see him get so anxious over that. As soon as she let Toby down and went back to Luigi he was fine!
Saturday afternoon I took Karina to visit her friends here in town. She wanted to stop and pick them up some flowers. CC went in with her. CC called me and asked me, "Quick, red, white or red and yellow like a tiger." I didn't know what she was talking about but told her to surprise me. I was wishing I would have told her red and yellow like a tiger. This is what she brought out to me.....
Red and yellow tulips.... Oh, how I love tulips!
There was only one tulip when we brought it home but it really blossomed in just two days!! I'm thinking about using this photo as my header when I redo my blog background.

I also have my first rose of the year!! A double knock out. This rose bush has alwasy provided me with the most abundant, beautiful roses!!! Love it!
Monday evening CC did alot with our plants. We replanted our radish. The basil is still ok for now. CC by her self planted my two new crepe myrtle trees. I'm still figuring out where to put my dogwood trees. I wish I had a huge front and back yard. I would love to plant a magnolia tree, pecan tree, cottonwood, a couple of cherry, definitely an apple....you get it! My MIL and her friend and my mom also told me how easy it is to grow a pineapple tree. They said just cut the top portion off, let it dry out and plant. My goodness...I would LOVE to do that! But my yard is just too small. However, I plan to make the most out of it. And I'm thankful I have a yard that I can plant things in. I am also planning to take my MIL's friends advice and plant raspberry and blueberry bushes along my fence. I can't wait to tell the girls, "Go pick some blueberries for breakfast...." Haha..that'll probably take years.


Julie Harward

Thanks for your visit. How nice to have your MIL and mom come for a visit. Love your tulips too..so pretty! I am dieing to see some here. Come say hi any time ;D


It's always lovely when family can get together. So sweet and those tulips are beautiful. Are you still on a school break?


Thank you for visiting and sharing this great family post. It is nice you have a good relationship with your in laws. So many families do not.

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