Monday, March 14, 2011

Playing Catch Up

I feel so guilty. My last post was almost two weeks ago. I really need to get on a schedule here!
A couple of months ago I bought the girls each a canvas to let them paint for their rooms. Finally Thursday (almost two weeks ago) I took the girls to the back yard to let them paint while I pruned my roses.

CC still hasn't finished hers. It's just red right now. She's gathering ideas.

Lena did finish hers. I love it!

Somehow I struggled my way through last week and I survived!! CC helped me with my homework. It reminded me of when I was 14/15 and my sister was going to nursing school. I did lots of her homework. I didn't realize at the time what a huge that must have been for her. To me it was just plain fun!!
I am also hosting a pizza party for DiGiorno's. They mailed me out my party pack last week.

I'm so lost on my time I thought the party was this past weekend and nearly went in a frenzy buying everything I needed for it. Then CC reminded me it's on the 19th. What a relief!
I snapped this picture in my way to church yesterday. I don't know if you can read his sign but it says, "Why lie? Need beer." I guess you have to give him points for being honest.

I'm enjoying my spring break. I started catching up on cleaning and washing clothes. I plan to try and invent a "new" recipe tonight. Not really "new" but new to me in that I've never made it and there is no recipe. It's going to be something like Beef Fried Rice, except I'm using glass noodles instead of rice and chicken instead of beef. So, we'll see how it turns out.
Saturday night we went to Luminaria. It was beautiful. I'll be posting pictures of that later tonight.
And here's a cute picture I took of my boys earlier today. This was a very rare moment that they were being nice...well, that Charlie was being nice and letting Toby single next to him.

Oh... Papa Bear and Joe fixed the fence this weekend. It's sooo nice! And about time!

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Figured you were really busy. Looks like everyone is chipping in and helping you. Glad spring break came and you have a bit of a breather. Take care.


G'eve sweet April ~ Wow! You are a whirlwind! The girls are pieces will be such fun to have for their rooms, great idea to let them create their own. Hope school is going well for you. Have missed you ...

Happy St. Paddy's Day ~

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