Monday, February 15, 2010

A year older (CC) and Guests!!

Lots to catch up on this past week. I called in Monday and Tuesday because CC was sick. Then Lena got sick... I went to work Wednesday and Thursday. Then Thursday night Stas came over and told us our back tire was low. Emil and I went later to check and the passenger rear was flat and the driver rear was very low. We went to fill it up with air and the flat tire just deflated... we could hear the air whistle out and watch the tire get flatter and flatter. Papa Bear changed the tire to the donut and I had to call in again Friday morning!
Wednesday, my baby CC turned 14! I can't even imagine where the time went! I loved dressing her up in dresses with big bows and matching socks... and now she's wearing makeup and flatironing her hair. I want my weetle weetle baby back!
This is our last photo of her 13 years old. And we've been so busy here I haven't had a chance to get the first 14 year old photo yet. She is such a good girl. I really have no big complaints about CC. This is good! I think alot of that is attributed to her being homeschooled and away from those influences that can really change young people's minds. The only big thing we argue about it her music ( I think this had been a child/parent arguement for ages) and her wearing high heels...with EVERYTHING! Even when she cleans the house she likes to wear high heels! I have one thing to say.... Thank God this is all we argue about!
Mom has also been spending time with us. Since she planned on staying a few nights we decided to bring along Bella, her Russin Blue cat. Bella is mean, grouchy, fussy.... and so very pretty! Charlie doesn't like the idea very much. They just sit and stare and growl at each other. So far she has been in CC's room and Charlie has free roam of the's HIS house after all!
Since I love getting all my pictures and posts out of order, I thought it appropriate to let you know we lit the fireplace last Sunday night. This is the first time this winter we lit it. I love, love, love my fireplace. I usually light it every chance I get (which isn't alot in San Antonio) but this winter I just never made time to go in and get some firewood.
Lena is still hooked on Rock Band. She unlocked the Endless Set List 2. She hasn't been able to complete it yet because I WILL NOT let her sit down and play 82 songs non-stop! I tried my hand at the's fun.... but I LOVE my drums!
Mom made sausage rolls for us....all from scratch! Let me tell you... there is nothing like having a warm, homemade sausage roll early in the morning when you have to go to work in the cold rain! Well.... there is nothing like my mom's sausage rolls....period!
Mom is going to visit my sister this weekend. Bella is still here and will be til Mom gets back. It's nice to have this four day workweek. And it was kinda nice to be back at work. I had lunch with Adam today. We had bar-be-que and he showed me lots of ins and outs about my new i-phone. I'm still playing with it and it seems to be really, really nice!



Hi April! I haven't been here in a little while and I just want to let you know that I LOVE the new look. Very chic!

Also, could you share that sausage roll recipe? Looks delicious!!! Hope you and family are doing well.

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