Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I've been bad!....(For You, Mom)

I've been a very bad blogger. I tell you just how much I plan to get back on track here and then I fall off the wagon ....again! But it's ok... lots of pictures coming up!


You know how I love my Charlie. Everyone knows how I love my Charlie! In fact, Mom gets disgusted with how much I love my Charlie.. so Mom, this one is for you.... this posting will start and end with a picture of your mostest favoritest grandson!

And try as I may I never can seem to get my photos in perfect order. Yesterday Lena and I made a stop at Starbucks while CC's medicine was being prepared. (She has a bad sinus infection, lots of fever and today is my second day off). I just love this picture of Lena.... it just may become one of my favorites!

And now hoodless... we wanted to get my new favorite drink... Caramel Apple Spice....but they were out of the "apple" so Lena had a chocolate chip creme and I had a caramel frapp. Yes, it was windy and cold and we had iced coffees! We were the only customers there with cold drinks...we're crazy like that! But we brough CC home a Calm chai with honey.

Last Sunday, no the Sunday before that, January 31, was Mom's birthday. So we took her to LeMadeleine for lunch. It's one of her favorite places to go! My girls love it too!

We had a slice of the Sacher Torte (pronouced sass-shay). We also had this torte at Serg's birthday party. I've said it before... I don't like chocolate..but this may be the best chocolate cake/torte I have ever had in all my life! Delicious!

We also had flatbreads...

oh my they are so good! And I had a mini- creme brulee!

I think the balsmic chicken flatbread is my favorite (above)! I think I'm happy there isn't a LeMadeleine close to my work! I'd be broke and bigger than I already am!

We had a full table...lots of food...lots of conversation...lots of love.... a really great time!

Mommy with the girls outside. It was around 33 degrees out... they all just wanted me to snap the picture and let them run to the car!

That night was the grammy's so before meeting mom we went to Target and picked up the 3-D glasses for Michael Jackson's 3-D special.
It was ok... less than what was seen in his movie...This Is It.... in fact that's what I was asking myself when it was over.... All they hype and this is it? Nevertheless I love Michael Jackson and I think his children were the best part of the tribute.
I love how Luigi was sitting with CC here and watching Tv. I don't think he realizes he's a dog.
Lena preparing. What was really neat was that her shirt had a 3-d effect! It was so cool. It looked like the white hearts were jumping out at you. She's the only one who didn't get to see it though..poor baby!
Papa Bear and baby bear watching the tribute.....
The cold weather and being home made me feel like cooking.... so I made one of our family's favorite...chicken parmesan!
with none other than fettucine parmesan pasta......
It was delicious... every plate licked clean and not one piece for left-overs!
Mom has been spending some nights with us and it's been so much fun! I love having her over and it's so sad when she goes. I love having all that time to sit with her and talked and not be rushed to go anywhere or do anything. It was really nice and we are looking forward to many more sleepovers! BUT..... she has a problem with me and Charlie. She thinks our relationship is unhealthy (!) because of the way he loves me and I love him... the way we snuggle and sucks on my hair... he cries for me to hold him. He's my little boy! Soooo Mom.... Charlie and I would like to send this posting off with a picture of us...just for you!
We Love You!!!



I see that you list Charlie (the cat who walks on the table) as one of the "loves of your life" and not me! Shame! Shame! Shame!


Charlie's a cutie pie. You sound like my husband and his dog, Diesel. Not a healthy relationship either. LOL


Drive carefully. It is not only cars that can be recalled by their Maker.............................................

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