Thursday, February 18, 2010

Karmic Retribution

Just a quick post.... no pictures... yesterday my alarm didn't ring..or I now see Emil and I slept right through it... so I came into work a minute! Dorothy (my boss) tells me I need to be careful I was late this morning and I was late coming back from lunch with Adam the day before... yada yada yada. Then she jumped on Adam about being late. She told him he was 8 minutes late and he had to make up 15 minutes for those 8 minutes. He told her no... his phone showed he was 3 minutes late. He stood his ground and I don't know the outcome. Anyway.... she told Adam that we run on Frost Bank time... which is wierd because we are BBVA Compass.. but anyway. Ok, so supposedly we run on Frost time. At break (8:00 a.m.) I called Frost and it said "Frost Bank time 7:57 a.m.) Hmmmm I think Compass is NOT on Frost time, which happens to be UNIVERSAL time, the same time that ALL our computers are set to.... I think Compass is running on Dorothy's time. So I let her know that of the three clocks in the office, two are two minutes ahead of Frost and one is three minutes ahead. So, since we are on Frost time, I was on time by one clock and one minute late on two clocks. Hence, our clocks are WRONG! She just kept saying, "I don't know what to tell you April, I don't know what to say." How about saying you're sorry and that you will change those stupid clocks! ~~OK~~ So today we, all of Compass, was down .. the whole computer networking system was down. No work could be run.. no checks deposited...nothing. All we could do was open and prep the accounts.. which we did. Eveyone was going nuts and worrying, deadlines were looming. Nice... I love that karma paid them a visit and had them on their toes, worrying about time..time...time... just like we ALL have to worry about time because no one knows which stupid clock to set our watches too. It's a guessing game! Well, the system finally came on around 11, when every one went to lunch and I was left to begin inputting all the workfiles in. I had a huge percent of it done by the time everyone came back. All they had to do was key in some checks! So the point of this story... Dorothy was concerned about time for once, not ours, but HER deadlines (hahaha) and secondly, she saw that yes, I may come in a minute or two late once or twice a year, but I do my work and I do it damn good and whether she likes it or not she NEEDS me!


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