Monday, July 13, 2015

Mid-July 2015 Post

I have found my's right there. I have Obsessive Coffee Disorder and I am not ashamed of it. 
I have tried to switch over to hot tea, even though I fear it may stain my teeth more than coffee does, however, it just doesn't do it for me. I know hot tea is healthier, fewer calories and some delicious blends are non-caffeinated, but my day just does not  feel complete without coffee.
Lena and I even slipped away to Local Coffee one afternoon this week.
Their vanilla spice cupcakes are out of this world. 
Last week Papa Bear and I went to a Russian meeting. It was so awesome. 
And the fact that I was able to follow along was pretty neat too!! 
After the Russian meeting we went to visit my brothers and sisters in Hallettsville. My brother made out of this world pulled pork. We all sat outside and ate, talked and laughed. It was so wonderful having the whole family together. I just wished Mom was there to see it!

The next day we went to visit my sister Stacy. She brought out Mom's old record player and her old records. The 45 vinyl that was on the turntable was Nina's 99 Red Balloons in English. 
We hooked it up, sat around the player and listened.
It felt like Mom was there with us. 

I interviewed for a different position this week too. It was actually fun to shop for an outfit. Since my gastric sleeve surgery shopping has become so much more fun...and expensive. 
Since we are losing weight so often,we need to buy new, smaller clothes almost every month. 
CC and I took Coco and Luigi to the park. Coco loved it. 
My old man wore out. Three times we had to stop to allow him to cool down. It made me so sad to see his age effecting him. We used to not be able to keep up with him! 
And Ms. Coco definitely did NOT like being around other dogs. Each time we passed another dog CC would pretty much have to put her weight on Coco to keep her down. 
I gave Lena her first driving lesson as well. Lena was a devilish child with an evil smirk. I always imagined her first driving lesson to be horrifying. I could see her look at me with those beautiful blue eyes and give me that scary, mean little smirk and then just floor it....
Well, as I strapped myself in the passenger seat, I hear the engine rev something terrible and the RPM's go wayyyy up. Then she said, "I can't make it go. Oh wait, I was still in park." I had coached her about lightly stepping on the gas. So yes, my fear was somewhat real...thank goodness she was in park.
Overall she did great! I'm so proud of her! 
And finally when Papa Bear and I were grilling out last night Coco decided to take it upon herself to lay in her water tub. This girl...she is too much! 
So I've been trying to read coffee facts that will make me feel a little better about the amount of coffee that I drink. One cup of coffee actually accounts for 11% of the recommended daily amount of Riboflavin we need, as well as 3% of Potassium and 2% of Magnesium.