Friday, June 26, 2015

Copalli's Cafe, Cappuccinos & Cats

I used to HATE coffee. 
Hated the smell.
Hated the idea.
Hated the taste, even though I had never tasted it. 
All I knew, was that I would hear Mom every morning moving around in the kitchen making her morning pot of coffee.
I hated that she thought she needed it to get her day started.
this is basically me.... 
So, after my injection last Thursday, CC found the cutest cafe for us to have lunch at....Copalli Cafe.
The cafe has the coziest, most relaxing atmosphere.
I love the warm colors throughout, the reclaimed hard wood floors...

And the food...oh my, the food....
is out of this world, knock your socks off, mouth watering good!!!
Everything is made from scratch, nothing store bought.
The cafe is run by a local professor, her son and his girlfriend.
After our lunch, I had to try a pumpkin cappuccino (which only made me yearn for fall)...
I watched him make my drink. He did so with skill and ease and it definitely was reflected in the taste.
I was/am hooked.... 
While we were eating this cute little squirrel came by and was peeping on us.
The staff gave him a mini muffin to munch it. 
It was the sweetest thing!

The staff at Copalli Cafe couldn't be sweeter. They make you feel at home. If I could see my dream job through, it would to own a cafe like Copalli Cafe. It is just THAT good!! 
And it was soooo good, that on Saturday, I woke Lena up and told her she had to go with me to have lunch at Copalli. I could have easily just picked lunch up, but I wanted her to have the whole experience.

Lena and I sat on the opposite size in a cozy little nook.
Everything about Copalli Cafe is just so perfect...right down to the jazzy art they have on the wall.
You can come it, sit down, relax and forget about what is weighing on your mind...have a great conversation with Khalehla and Chris..
and enjoy another pumpkin cappuccino.... 
and pair it with a homemade from scratch S'more Coffee Cake. 
Oh yes. It's THAT good!!
When it's my next turn to bring breakfast for work I know EXACTLY what I will be bringing.
Our Papa Bear was out of town this past weekend, so I snapped him this selfie (gosh, I HATE using that word) to send to him.
CC ordered the Caprese sanchwhich when she and I went.
I just had to buy some fresh basil and mozarella and make my own sandwich. I'll just say this...the girls LOVED it! 
With all this eating out, we've been trying to counteract it by hitting the gym. The gym is my stress release. I love to go at night when there are fewer people. It's just uncomfortable to work out next to these huge bulked up body builders. I feel like I'm being critiqued for doing something wrong. 
After working out I usually rest my muscles in the hot tub, hit the sauna, then shower and head home. I feel so fresh and rejuvenated the next day. There is NOTHING that feels as good as working out.
It not only does your body good, it does wonders for your mind as well! 
I'm not sure what is going on, but my boys have been so clingy lately. Some days they want nothing to do with me, aside from feeding them.... 
and other days I can't get them away from me. It's seriously reminds me of having a baby sometimes. I can't go to the restroom with out seeing little paws under the door and hear one or two of them crying and crying.... 
Even Toby decided to be nice to CC. 
On a weight loss note... my hair has been falling out like crazy. It worries me but I keep reading that it will grow back. It sure better or I need to start looking for wigs!!!
The weather is warming up and we've had no rain for a while...which is really kinda nice!
Meanwhile, I'm on the search for some high protein, low carb recipes that will be good for my Gastric Sleeve.
Pinterest has been most helpful so far!



After hearing your praise of this cafe, wish I lived nearby or we had one in Texas.

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