Monday, December 22, 2014

Birchbox Favorites Review

One of my favorite things I do is subscribe to Birchbox. 
It's like a present in the mail every month.
I have had very few boxes that were really nothing I liked/used.
Very few. Like maybe 3 in over a year.

What is so neat about Birchbox is that you are sent samples of products that you may have never known about otherwise. Several of these items are now my must-have favorites.
You earn points for leaving honest feedback on your products and those points can be applied towards items on


So....some of my favorites from the past few months.
What I love about this dry shampoo is how easily it applies and how great my hair looks. I am used to shampooing everyday...I know it's not good for my hair but I feel nasty and dirty if I don't. But, I see that when I use this dry shampoo my hair actually looks and styles so much better!
And the smell...oh, my, the smell. 
My husband asked me what perfume I used that morning because it smelled so good! He actually encouraged me to buy this!
It doesn't leave a film or make you hair feel weighed down or heavy. 
I absolutely LOVE it!
I'm usually not a fan of the body washes they send me. I am pretty stuck on my Bath and Body Works favorites but this particular one certainly caught my attention.
The Gilchrist & Soames Spa Therapy Body Wash was something else!
It didn't have a huge amount of lather and I was worried it would leave a film on my skin and make me feel tacky.
It didn't. 
My skin was so soft and felt so refreshed and the scent is out of this world. I was so very impressed. 
I can certainly see myself rotating this in my shower routine! 
When I first saw that I was getting the Dr. Lipp Original Lip Balm I was not too thrilled. I really didn't want to put it on my lips. 
I'm so glad I did!
A tiny dab goes a long way. It spreads easily, do not feel oily at all and lasts all day. 
I purchased the full size immediately! 
It is perfect for when the weather turns cool and crisp. Your lips stay moisturized all day! 
This too was one product I didn't think I would use, the Toni & Guy Classic Shine Gloss Serum. Again, I couldn't have been more wrong. I use this almost every single day and will be purchasing the full size when my sample runs out. It is simply amazing.
The serum doesn't carry much scent but my hair looks so shiny and nice! It is not heavy at all. It tames the fly-aways and split ends and truly makes my hair shiny and glossy. I am a new forever fan and this favorite will be on my bathroom counter permanently! 
Oh, have stolen my heart again. I am in love with the perfumes. The compilation of scents create a classic, subtle, chic and so very feminine fragrance. This Crema da Mano Luxe - Hand Cream is honestly the best hand cream I have ever used. I will be purchasing the full size once my sample is empty. It can also be purchased at Sephora 
I am not a big bronzer fan but when this one from ModelCo came in my Birchbox my heart skipped a beat. The ModelCo bronzer is so wonderful. It gives my skin a very sun-kissed look in just the right places without leaving me looking orange and streaky.
It's great for contouring and yet soft enough to use alone for a natural look. My sample was BIG... I think it may be full size, so it will last me a while. When it's used I will purchase a full size and this too will be a staple in my makeup drawer! 
Ok, I do not select food or snacks as an option for my Birchbox because I have a few snacks that I like and I really don't deviate from them. And I just think it's gross to have snacks sent through the mail. It's me. I'm weird. And because Birchbox sends you some things that you have never heard of before I wasn't sure if these Justin's Chocolate Almond Butter Squeeze Pack was something for my face or something to eat. So I googled it.
The BEST snack EVER!!!!!!!
There are no words. No words indeed. It was something like I never tasted before. Smooth. Rich. Sweet but not at all over powering.
Flavorful. Addicting.
I need to find them at Target but I haven't been able to. If I have no luck there I will just purchase on line. 
These are a MUST-TRY. 
But I'm warning you.... you will not be able to put the squeeze pack down or share it or stop until it's empty. 
Goodness, it's delicious!
Justin's created something dangerous!


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