Thursday, May 29, 2014

Influenster Viva la VoxBox Product Review

I was selected by Influenster to review the following products in the Viva la VoxBox.  I was supposed to do a YouTube video, but since I recently had neck surgery I was unable to film.

This VoxBox had lots of fun goodies. I really liked some of the products. First up is the Cetaphil Cleansing Cloths. I really liked that the cloths were gentle and didn't burn, sting or irritate my skin. The cloths removed my makeup, cleaned my face and left my skin feeling clean and refreshed. It didn't leave an oily feel or make my skin feel tight. I really liked that.
In my opinion, the cloths were rather large and could have been cut in half. Other than that, they did their job effectively. 

A 25-count package retails for about $7.49.
My box also included the new Vaseline Spray & Go in the scent Cocoa Radiant. I loved the smell of the spray. It is perfect for summer and reminds me of the beach. The spray is very moisturizing without feeling heavy and oily. It does dry quite quickly.
My daughter uses this spray as a daily moisturizer under her make up every day. It absorbs very fast. 
I will certainly be purchasing this product on a regular basis.

A 6.5 ounce bottle retails for $5.94 at Wal-Mart.

Montagne Juenesse sent a Creamy Coconut face mask. I absolutely loved the smell of the face mask. It applied easily and I could have probably gotten two uses from one package. The Creamy Coconut mask is suitable for all skin types and is supposed to moisturize and hydrate the skin.
I did apply it before a shower and I feel that my face seemed hydrated and softer. I believe that it did exactly what it was supposed to.
I loved the easy application, the smell and the feel of my skin after using it.
The best part is the price. A one time use packet retails for about $1.49 at Wal-Mart. 

I also received an NYC City Proof Twistable Intense Lip Color. This one was a bit difficult for me because the color that was sent was red...very, very red. I am a strong believer that red, like blond hair, is very specific to each person. Not everyone can wear any shade of red, just like not everyone will look great in one shade of blond. I think it takes a lot of trial and error or a visit to a really good make-up artists to help you find the right shade of red. 
So...with that said..I did try the lip color. It was too red for me but I did like the way it applied. It did last through out the day with out having to reapply and the bonus...IT DID NOT BLEED!!
Had the lip color been a neutral, or even softer shade of red, I would have worn it on a daily basis.
I will be looking for a shade that is suitable for me for when I go back to work. The product is well worth the price.
A full size lip color retails for $2.99. 
The Shell Fuel Reward Card was a new concept to me. Honestly, I am still learning about it but I will give you the overview of what I understand it to be. First you sign up for a Shell Fuel Reward Card by requesting one online or picking one up at your local Shell station. Then you link a major credit card to you Shell card and start earning points and rewards with you everyday purchases. You can earn up to $0.25 per gallon of gas that you put in and also earn rewards on when you dine at restaurants, shop at certain stores, buy groceries and make purchases in convenience stores.
Once you have enough rewards earned, you can actually pay for fuel with the earned rewards on your Shell Fuel Reward Card. This is ideal for my family since my husband drives alot for work. And I think anything you can do to earn points/rewards by purchasing things you normally always purchase is a great idea!
The cost of the reward card...FREE!!

And my personal favorite was the Pure Ice Nail Polish. I received the two colors shown below. 
I've often seen these polishes but have been reluctant to purchase them because of their cheap price. I am happy to say I am very pleased with them after trying them out.
They apply easy and do not bubble. The colors are nicely pigmented and do not require multiple coats. The only downside is that they did chip after 2-3 days and that was with a base and top coat.
I have purchased a few additional colors for spring.
These polishes are only available at Wal-Mart and retail for $1.97. 
Overall, I  was pleased with all the of products I received. There are several products that will become staples in my household. I am still trying to figure everything about the Shell Reward Card. 

**I was not paid to write this review. I was given the products free of charge by Influenster and all opinions are my own.**


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