Monday, May 5, 2014

Birchbox April 2014 Review

My April 2014 Birchbox was really good. I'm glad that it was because I have been on the fence about whether to keep it or not. The past few months have been just ok...and that's giving it alot more credit than it deserves.
So I told myself I would give them one more month and if Aprils box was full of lotion sample packets I was cancelling. 
Thank you BirchBox for giving me something I can actually use!!

I was very excited to try the Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel. This was my first time trying an Anastasia Brow product (though I've always wanted to) and I really, really like it.
It is clear and went on great. It doesn't have any scent at all and the best part was that it lasted all day.
That's saying alot for a product that held up to Texas' 100 degree day!
Will I purchase a full size? You betcha!

I'm always excited to try leave in conditioners. My hair can get really dried out in the Texas humidity, so when I see a sample of leave in conditioner in my BirchBox, I may just squeal a little.
This sample of Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle got my heart pumping.
the spray was broken and I wasn't able to use it.
That was really disappointing because:
A.) I love the rubberized bottle presentation
B.)It smells great
C.) It was a decent sample size
So, I emptied some on my hand and ran it through the ends of my hair. My hair was not at all tangle-y, which is HUGE for me, especially now, since I have to have my hair up in a bun all the time because of the neck braces. 
My hair feels soft, it's not heavy and weighed down AND when I brush my hair I get a slight whiff of that soft, sweet smell.
Will I purchase a full size? It's very likely. 
I have had a few Supergoop samples previously and they've been fine. It is a more expensive item and honestly, if I'm going to spend that amount of money on a face cream, I'm going to need a sample that is a bit larger than just for a two-time use.
However, I did use it and it seemed just fine. I honestly didn't notice any earth shattering differences between this and other sunscreens other than the smell. Supergoop doesn't have that "sunscreen" smell. It doesn't burn when it goes on and it never feels heavy. You could honestly apply it right before putting on your foundation and it would be just fine. It's not greasy at all.
This Supergoop Daily Correct CC Cream did have a slight tint to it that would work for a wide array of skin tones. I liked that. In fact, I didn't have to add anything other than mascara and lip gloss to walk out the door. So I did like it much better than my other Supergoop super-mini samples.
Will I purchase a full size? Probably not. I need a larger sample to use at least for a week to see if it's worth the money.

I always like when I receive nail polish samples in my monthly subscriptions because:
A.) It's usually a color I wouldn't think of trying
B.) It introduces me to brands other than Essie and OPI
C.)The colors are right on season
D.) I usually fall in love

This month I received Color Club Gala's Gem Collection in the color Breakfast At....
This soft emerald pearl that is JUST PERFECT for spring. I put it on immediately and like other Color Club polishes I used, it applied great. There was no bubbling or streaking and the polish lasted almost a week before I had to touch it up. I had several compliments on the color. 
I was happy!
Will I purchase a full size? I'm not sure if the have a full size or just a mini-set...but either way YES I would!
And last but not least was this sample of KIND Health Grain Bars. THIS is why I love/recommend/keep BirchBox. I would never in a million years pick up something like this to just sample and try. was in my box and is delicious!
The sample bar didn't have that diet, gritty, meal taste or texture.
It was actually a very nice grain bar with a delicious taste. I will definitely have a box of these in my desk when I go back to work. 
Will I purchase a full size? Absolutely!!
I was super happy with this months BirchBox.
If you would like to try BirchBox out click here!


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