Tuesday, August 13, 2013


My blogging has certainly declined since my injury. I simply can't do things I used to enjoy...I ALWAYS hurt...it's miserable. I figured I needed to put a few pics on here for my memories sake.

I am itching to cut my hair short but Charlie doesn't like it short. He won't sleep with me if its too short. I'd rather have nights like this than a cute hair cut.

Manzie and Toby love each other. We find these boys snuggled up together all day.

And I found Manzie snuggled with Micah.

On my way to work as I was waiting in line for my coffee I saw this.... Really... Just no words.

We saw this and CC agreed its probably not the best way to stop at a red light.

We went to Hallettsville to visit my family. We had such a good time. I quietly snapped a picture of my brother Tony.

Camilla wore CC out.

I love that little girl. She sure is a spit-fire.

But she can also be so, so sweet.

Especially when she wants to be rolled up in her blanket and called the burrito girl.

Emil wanted pecan cookies... So CC found a pecan pie cookie recipe. Oh man... They were so good!

I was selected by Influenster to review some Mary Kay make up. Now I'm not big on Mary Kay and I hate to admit it, but I thought it was only for much older ladies.

I love their mascara and I fell completely in love with their cream shadow. It is just perfect. You can truly control how light or dark the color is. It applies so smoothly and I LOVE the brush for cream eyeshadow application.

I actually mixed it here with an Avon eyeshadow.

I felt a little less bad one Saturday morning, so I made my breakfast ring and Pam came over to enjoy it.

Emil definitely earned himself Father of the Year when he let Lena paint his toe nails. It was cute and funny until she wouldn't take it off and he had to wear socks with his sandals.

It has been so hot here the past couple of weeks. I get in my car after work and it reads 107! I am so ready for fall ....and football!

Speaking of football....thank goodness it's less than this now!

Even though its been hot I broke out my fall mug and enjoyed some coffee.

I also had a Sopapilla cupcake. Best ever! Hands down. That thing could be addicting...so deliciously bad!!

I was also selected by House Party to try out the new Monopoly game with the new cat game piece. Other games were also included...like this Connect 4. We all four have spent hours in the evening trying to beat each other. It's so fun. And nothing make my heart more happy than to see my girls at the table playing games together.

And here's the new game piece. I do miss the iron...but I love the cat! And I love the new color of the fifty dollar bills.

That's been my past two months on a nutshell. I have an ablation for the facet nerves scheduled next week and I am praying that will help me feel like me again.

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