Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Our Vegas Vacation Pt.1

We've been wanting to take the girls on vacation and were going back and forth as to exactly where to go. Originally the girls and I planned to go to Seattle, Leavenworth and Vancouver for our vacation, however, after all the slip and slide accidents I receive calls for, insured slipping on slushy, icy roads and sliding into snowbanks, trees, other vehicles... I decided we would go somewhere quiet the opposite.
So, we went to Las Vegas...definitely wouldn't be any icy, snowy roads in the desert.
Our flight there was perfect. We had an awesome "flight buddy" that kept us entertained and laughing the entire ride. One of my favorite things about flying to Vegas is flying over the Grand Canyon...It is just so very, very pretty!

It was a fun, enjoyable easy flight....wish I could say the same about our flight home! :-( 
We stayed at the Flamingo. It's always been one of my favorites I guess because of it's history. Emil was less than thrilled about staying there..but...it was nice, recently renovated, cutely decorated and designed and it had a PERFECT view!! 
Yes, our bathroom had a TV on the mirror....so fun! 

At night we had the perfect view of Bellagio's fountains. CC was none too thrilled to hear the fountains every fifteen minutes....I, however, loved it!
Our first night, after getting settled in to our room, we walked over to Caesar's Palace to find something good for dinner. 

Lena LOVED this hoodie.....
We had a fabulous dinner at Wolfgang Puck's Spago.
It was THE BEST pizza ever... and we were all too tired to take any pictures.  

Papa Bear and I played a little slots back at our hotel. 
We didn't do too bad. 
It was fun and relaxing and exactly what I needed!
The next day he went off to his poker tournament. 
The girls and I did some shopping at Caesar's and watched their free shows and then dumped our goods back off at our hotel.
Then we headed down to Planet Hollywood for lunch/early dinner at Yolo's.
Yes, we left San Antonio to go to Las Vegas and eat Mexican food...
go figure!
I enjoyed my Watermelon Margarita. 
It was perfect, cool and refreshing....
I wish I had one right now....
I tried to Chile Rellano. It was good...spicy as heck..but sure good! 
Lena chose the Roasted Chipotle Chicken w/mushroom sauce.
Again, very spicy but good! 
The real winner of the night though was CC's drunken chicken nachos.
They were actually an appetizer, she chose them as her entree...
I have NEVER, EVER in my life tasted nachos that good.
I would seriously go back to Vegas JUST to have those nachos...
and they were only $10!!!

We stopped by the Cupcakery and picked up a few cupcakes, 
CC was so excited to pick up a wedding menu for their pop-up weddings 
starting at $99!! 
Oh geez!!
We walked alllll the way back up to the Bellagio just in time to see  the fountains
dance to Bocelli's "Time To Say Goodbye." 

It was a perfect, but exhausting day.
Little did my feet know that was just the beginning....
my girls had so much fun taking in all the sights of the strip.



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