Monday, November 30, 2015

Home Office

In September I was able to move into a work at home position for my company. I had been wanting that for so long. Since we had an extra spare room I decided to get to work on it immediately.
I knew I wanted a cool color scheme...greys with black accents.
First we had the task of tackling this pink and purple room. 
Next came the color. I was so happy with this grey. I actually really enjoy painting. Papa Bear and I painted our bedroom and I was more than ready to help paint my office. 

Almost finished. I didn't want just a white ceiling, so we continued the grey all the way up. 
And I absolutely love how it turned out. I want to change the lighting, but I do love the ceiling fan. This room is small and it gets hot really easily. Many morning I open the window and have the ceiling fan going. 
I also decided to redo Mom's desk/dresser that was always in her bedroom. It was so old and just collecting "things" in the living room. I wanted to put it to use. I want to sit at it and imagine her sitting there as well. She did a lot of drawing on this desk. I turned it into my make up desk. It's on the opposite side of the room from my work desk. 
I chose a color from the same palette as my wall color. The wall color was the third color on the swatch and the desk was the second to the darkest.

I knew I wanted blues incorporated in the room in very minor touches and I wanted glass knobs. A quick trip to World Market and I found exactly what I was looking for. 
I have my make up in the first two drawers on each side. The top holds my mirror, perfumes, a clock, all my make up brushes and a birdcage-candle holder. 
I absolutely love it.
I love that I have my own little corner that is really just mine. 

And here's my work set up on the other side. In the office I had an L-shaped desk and I knew for the layout of my books I needed an L-shaped at home. 
We looked online, in stores...I wasn't able to find anything that would work. I needed something that was deep enough and I just wasn't finding it.
Until we were referred to Desks Galore. I found exactly what I was looking for.
And they discounted it..And they delivered...
It was a double bonus for me!! 
And I'm never alone in my office. My boys stay with me constantly. 
Who really needs to use a mouse? I'm so sorry I was inconveniencing him. 
And that's me most of my day... 
Micah is usually the one who joins me. He waits for me to wake up and then follows me in the office and makes himself comfortable on my voice mail log. This is a daily fight with him when I try to write down my messages. He's biting and attacking the pen here. 
And sometimes I have all three... 

I saw this cute quote on Pinterest. It is soooo very true!
I need this on a t-shirt! 
I have become obsessed with Illy's Espresso.

I use it in my French Press. 
It is some of the best coffee I have ever tasted. 
I've even made affogato for the girls with it! 

And I tried to make my own Con Panna. 
I think I'll just let Starbucks handle that from now on! 


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