Sunday, August 9, 2015

July 2016: BTS in Dallas, Gelato and the Gym

So my Lena told me in April one of her favorite Kpop bands, BTS, was making four US stops and Dallas was one of them. 
We bought tickets the day they went on sale...thankfully we didn't wait because they sold out so fast. The hardest part was the wait...three longs months of waiting....
But my mother in law lives in Dallas and we've been wanting to visit her and see her new place, so it worked out perfectly!
I miss her so much! 
And she misses us too!! 
I loved how peaceful and serene her courtyard was. 

Then came the night of the concert.
It was insane.
There was such a mix of people... 
and the girls there....
they were CRAZY!! 
We were on the balcony level and those girls were shaking the concrete balcony.
I saw lots of parents there with their children, some enjoying the concert, some waiting in the lounge area outside. 
Even though I only knew a few songs, hands down it was the best concert I've ever been to.
These seven boys put on a show like nothing I've ever seen. 
They danced non-stop!! 
And they didn't lip sync! 
That night we relaxed in the hammocks in my mother in laws courtyard.
The next morning we enjoyed coffee on her balcony. 

Our time went by too fast. I didn't have Monday off, so we had to head back home.

I've also been trying to get to the gym as much as possible. It just feels so good to burn some energy and then relax in the sauna.  
CC has me hooked on the Doppio Con Panna lately.
I'm ashamed to say I drink two of these a day.
However, supposedly they only have 50 calories.
(I'm praying that's true!) 
One day while looking on Instagram I found this place in San Antonio that has what is supposed to be the best and most authentic Italian Gelato, A La Mode Gelato.
I found the address, loaded up my girls and we went. 
The gelato was really delicious!! The serving sizes are HUGE and it's at a really awesome price point.
The only down side was there wasn't much room to sit. It was so very hot least 100 degrees, if not over...and it would have been nice to sit down, talk and enjoy our gelato.
It's in a really cute, artsy section of town... The Blue Arts Complex.
There is such a variety of niche shops and restaurants. 
The Blue Star Contemporary Museum that I've been wanting to go to is there too!
I'm glad I finally found it!
Behind the Arts Complex is the San Antonio River and a walking trail. We sat as long as we could outside, eating our gelato and talking. It was so relaxing to hear the babbling river behind us.
It was just too darn hot!!
I am definitely looking forward to going back with the weather cools off. The area has so much to offer and I can't wait to explore it all!