Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Oh today....

was all about homework...
I slacked... wasted precious time....
and today I paid for it.
to top it off I was out of my Keurig vue pods!
Luckily I found two packages of Starbucks Via Mocha..
it saved the morning!
I sat at the computer and tried to come up with a thesis...
this should have been done weeks ago! 
After a couple of hours and some darn good cites
we decided to take a quick detour to Wal-Mart to get some
groceries for dinner tonight.
You literally see everything at Wal-Mart! 
So I came home, sat my butt down, drank my Diet Dr.Pepper with vanilla
and I did it!!
It took hours but I did it!

And then the girls made chocolate mousse!

Next semester I'm getting a daily planner.
I'm not getting myself in this mess again!


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