Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I had to start off with this picture... CC snapped me and Charlie sleeping together Friday night. I remember being too tired to cut the light off and covering my face.....I just didn't think Charlie was going to come sleep ON my face! What can I say? We're in love!

So Saturday morning the girls and I woke up early and went to Homestead Handcraft's sidewalk sale. I didn't get to snap any photos (left my phone at home) but it was nice and chilly and crisp outside. There was a fall theme to everything, inside the store and out. It was perfect AND the girls and I picked up some great goodies at amazing prices!
Next we stopped over at Nadler's Bakery to try it out. We have never been but have always wanted to and by the time I finally decide to get my butt out of the house on my days off, it's too late and they are closed!

They had cupcakes and tons of cute fall and halloween cookies as well as traditional cookies. CC and I decided on Fall themed cookies. They were great...can't deny it...but $2.25 for one cookie is a bit much for me. Honestly, I'd rather pay $2.25 for a cupcake if I'm going to treat us girls!

Next we headed over to the mall. Lena was wanting to check out Hot Topic and I was eager to make the Fall Celebration at Bath and Body Works. We left with some great smelling candles to get us in the Fall mood. I purchased Leaves and Marshmallow Fireside...and of course we were given some smaller size Pumpkin Carving scented candles. I left the store a very happy lady! Of course, normally Mom would have joined us, but we had her in our hearts and thought of her often during the day.

CC was hot and was looking for a cooler shirt and Charlotte Russe for sunglasses. We never did find a Charlotte Russe, but we found another store with some really good prices on shoes, scarves, cute tops and skirts....and did I mention the shoes????

I loved their lighting....

After walking around the mall we girls needed to fuel up so we went to our favorite Le Madeleine. We three girls shared the Croque Monsieur, which was sooooo good!

Lena and I each had French Onion Soup and CC had Tomato Basil.


After eating we came home to watch the Arkansas Razorbacks play Alabama. That was a huge disappointment! The Razorbacks lost 53-0.... I am patiently awaiting the Razorbacks meeting A&M!!!
I did snap a couple of photos of some of the items I bought at Homestead. These bracelets were $1 each!! And I love, love, love cut glass bowls...this one was only $6!!!

I also spied a really pretty purse that I really, really wanted. It's brown leather on top and black crochet on the bottom. I told myself if it's $10 I'll buy it. I had been wanting/needing another purse but am not really in a position to purchase anything expensive. The purse I was using Mom bought for me when I started my new job and it's starting to show wear and I really don't want it damaged. So, when I saw the price of the brown leather and black crochet bag was only $10 I snatched it up!!! Now I am deciding between a mostly brown Vera Bradley wallet and a really pretty yellow and black Provence Vera Bradley wallet. I'm giving it some time before I make the final purchase.

The girls napped for a bit then we went to see Finding Nemo at the Palladium Imax in 3-D. It was good... we had fun.

After the movie we stopped by Pro Bass for a look around....and some hot chocolate! I really wanted to buy some of this cute candy for my desk at work...but I refrained. It's really hard having a tight budget!

Some of the fish in the tank were huge!!

I have to admit, it was a bit sad seeing all of these beautiful animals in that condition....

But man.... how beautiful are these antlers??????? I could see them on my wall!

CC's eyes had been hurting her all day Saturday. So our evening ended with us at Texas Med Clinic. She has a bacterial infection in both eyes and had to get medicated drops. At least she's feeling better now!




It sounds like it was an awesome day with loved ones. :)
Glad you had a great time.

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