Saturday, May 12, 2012

Poppy Seed Muffins and Bananas Foster Bundt Cake

I didn't go in to work yesterday because I wasn't feeling well, and I think I may have gotten Mom sick as well...not good!

CC started the morning off by making delicious lemon poppy seed muffins...

That girl can really bake! She is such a huge help and a really good girl... She is such a blessing!

We each made us a cup of coffee and then dug in on those muffins!!!

We pretty much laid around and did a whole lot of nothing the rest of the day. I took out my new Italian cookbook I bought at Dillard's a couple of months ago and started reading through it. It's funny how fast your life can change and the things you once really enjoyed doing and looked forward to doing mean absolutely nothing anymore.

Last night the girls and I were watching Bridesmaid's. Mom slept on the sofa. I think Emil called, so we paused the movie and while talking to him I started making a Bananas Foster Bundt Cake.
Melted almost 1/2 cup of butter in the bottom of a greased Bundt pan then sprinkled brown sugar over that...

I then sliced one large banana and placed the slices on the bottom of the pan. Next I sprinkled half a bag of pecan pieces over the bananas.

Mom woke up a couple of times and asked if the salmon was ready. I had it marinated so I took out a piece, placed it in foil with olive oil, balsamic vinegar and tarragon,salt and pepper. I made a little pouch and threw it in the oven. She loved it!
By the time her salmon was finished, so was my was really delicious! Of course CC and I made coffee to have with our cake, Lena had hot tea.

I'm doing better with giving Mom her lovanox shots. I didn't hurt her yesterday morning. Last night might have pinched a bit. James said I'm doing good. We also heard her bottom left lung is opening that's wonderful! Her port will be placed early next week and her PET scan next Thursday I think. Her first round of chemo will be the following week. We are scared, worried and nervous but we are also ready to get treatment started.
I have lots to catch up on and am only off being private for the weekend. I might be crazy and participate in Pink Saturday. I'm trying to make myself do things I used to enjoy doing. It's not easy. But I think it's necessary to help us find a new normal.
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What a sweet recipe! I will be praying for your mom. I am so sorry for her illness. Life just throws punches at us. I hope yo both enjoy your Mother's Day together. Time with our loved ones is a rare gem these days. Love and Hugs to you from me

Thru Pink Curtains

Thank you so much for your comment! Yes my mom was a very patient woman who taught me how to do things just by letting me do it. and if i needed help she would just lean over and show me how to do it. she played 'dishes' with us and had fun with us.
i think mom loved God and had great hope that things would be better someday. She loved Gaither music and i think the words gave her happiness as it does me when i listen to the words. Her cup was always half full but the rest was filled with friendship and kindness to her neighbours!

Thru Pink Curtains

by the way those muffins and cake really look good. wish you had the recipe here!!!!
would like to encourage you to keep going, it will be worth every effort when you look back and say you did the best you could and you are!!!

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home

April...please give my good wishes to your mom. I have been battling cancer for almost 6 years...always being on some kind of treatment. Cancer is awful....but life is wonderful. I hope she can find joy in each day...

Magnolia Cottage

Thank you for your sweet comment. I'm your newest follower. Praying for your Mom & you & your family. Your muffins and banana bundt cake looks delicious. I'd love a piece of your bundt cake right about now. May your day be filled with peace & love of family. Happy Mother's day!

Pretty Things




DaCraftyLady Debb

That banana cake sounds so to you and your mom....~~Dacraftylady~~


I am glad you are so close with your mom! She needs you now! But please take care of you too!If you get a moment sometime would you give me your banana bundt cake recipe? It looks so wonderful! Your children are true blessings. I am glad you ave good helpers. Have a nice weekend and please take care. Hugs and Love Anne

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