Sunday, September 2, 2018

I'm A Grandma!!

I always told my girls I do not want to be a grandmother before I'm 40. For some reason 40 just felt safe..a good age to be a grandmother. When my daughter told me she was pregnant...and I was only 37...I wasn't thrilled.

It took some time, I can't lie. I thought this automatically made me "old". Little did my small minded, selfish, na├»ve self know... but being a young grandma only means I get more time with my little baby boy and I have the energy that is REQUIRED to keep up with him!

We had a very small shower/lunch for CC at Zio's. 

CC loves all things panda, so we had a Tres Leches panda cake special made for her.
I have to was one of THE BEST cakes I've ever had!

This girl hardly gained any weight... got no stretch marks..and exercised and hiked like nothing!
From behind you'd never know she was pregnant! I had to tell her more than once...she is NOT normal!!

The night before the big day we did some last minute shopping. I remember when I was pregnant with CC, a local crafts store, Michael's, was having a six a.m. sale and Mom and I went and I purchased a night light.
I had to get one pic of us before our roles as mother and daughter forever changed...

I packed my little bag and headed over to the hospital.
CC had a nice, big room. Dan was asleep on the couch and CC was being so strong and working her way through contractions.

Let me tell you, as mothers, we kiss boo boos away, hold their head and hands as they cry over their first break up, feel like poop when the grease splashes on her legs while yall are making donuts....
but nothing is as painful as watching contractions sweep through your baby's tiny body, see her face wince in pain...and know you can do nothing about it.
It was awful.
But she had her daddy, Dan, me and her little sister to support her through it!

And it was then he was here!!!
My first grandson, my baby's first baby was born Sept 13 at 2:33 p.m.

and I was in love

I mean, everything about him was just absolutely perfect.

As soon as he was laid down on the scale he opened his eyes and started looking around.

He was so quiet and observant.

I was so afraid I wouldn't remember how to change diapers and support the baby's head and calm a crying baby. It had been 15 years since I had a baby!

I just resolved in myself that I would be calm and act confident and never let the little boy know how scared I was.

And what developed between him and I is something so special...
so sweet and precious.
And his grandpa has declared Daniel his hands down my favorite person that has ALL of his love. He tells us all the time, "Sorry guys, you're not my favorite anymore."

I never knew you could love like this.
Of course you love your children more than anything in the world....

But there is absolutely NOTHING like the love you have for your grandchild.

It's so overwhelming. So intoxicating. It just takes over all of your senses and your emotions.
You heart, your mind, your time, your worries, your laughter, your tears...

Now belongs to this little person who needs you and depends on you for his every need.

This pretty much sums up Daniel and I for the first two years of his life... in his Ah-ma's arms, being spoiled and being told how perfect he is...

And how beautiful he is...and special...and how in grandma's eyes he can do no wrong.

And yes, we have our own little song that I sing to him to get him to sleep.
It started when I would rock him to sleep and we still sing it now as we lay in bed and I rub his head and eyes and back to help him fall asleep.

There have been times where I have even had to make a video of myself singing it and had to text it to my daughter so he'd calm down and go to sleep.

I am so in love with my little baby boy.
I tell my daughter he's the best gift she could have ever given me.
When he's here, he tires me out so fast...but when he's gone I'm missing his sweet face and sweet little hands pulling me to the living room to play soccer
dragging me to the front door so we can water our plants.
He makes life so fun.
I'm so completely in love.



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